How To Participate in #AcAdv Chat Using TweetChat

Have you used for #AcAdv Chat?

If not – I recommend checking it out for the next @AcAdvChat.


TweetChat is a third party client that allows tweeters to to follow allow with the conversation in REAL TIME. Did you know that TweetChat streams the a #AcAdv Chats each week? Check it out:



I like for #AcAdv Chat because:

  • I can follow tweets from people I may not be following & people who are not following me… just yet.
  • I can change the speed of how fast the tweets appear – time intervals, updates to the stream, etc
  • when I am logged into with my Twitter account, then I am able to post updates directly into the #AcAdv Chat Room
  • as I tweet from this “room” – TweetChat automatically adds the hashtag – #AcAdv – to my tweets
  • many #AcAdv Chat tweets fly fast and furious – so there is a “PAUSE” button in the TweetChat room

Chat soon,



p.s. Be sure that your you have allowed the TweetChat application to access your Twitter account, otherwise you may not show up in the TweetChat #AcAdv Chat room.







    Pencil Us In

    Tuesday is coming round again, and we’d like to be part of your plans for the day.  In fact, we’d like to be part of your regular routine.  Wether you keep track of your time with a favored electronic device or prefer paper and pencil, block off some time for the chat.  It’s been great fun these past three weeks and we have learned lots from all the terrific advising professionals on Twitter.  Join us as the chat turns one month old and we discuss developing learning outcomes for advising.


    Image c/o christianyves on Flickr

    Out of the Blocks

    Thanks to an enthusiastic Twitter community the #AcAdv chat is off and running.  Chat participants have filled our first two sessions with great ideas and resources.  You all are awesome, and we look very much forward to continuing the conversation.  This is your chat, and we want your ideas.  We would love to hear your feedback regarding the direction of the chat, ideas for future topics, or anything else chat related that’s on your mind.  You can reach us via DM on Twitter at @AcAdvChat, or if you fancy sending us more than 140 characters, we’ve created a space to send us your thoughts via the web.  Grab some coffee or tea and keep the conversation going.



    Photo c/o Jonas in China on Flickr

    Let’s Chat Tech

    Join us this week to chat about emerging technology in academic advising.  Whether you are a seasoned veteran or just getting started, we want to hear your thoughts.  Come join in the discussion this Tuesday (11/2) from 7 – 8 p.m. CST.  Be sure to follow @AcAdvChat on Twitter to get all the updates.  Not sure how to get started?  Check out the What is #AcAdvChat? page.

    Grab some leftover Halloween candy, and we’ll see you there.


    Image c/o rutty on Flickr