High Five to Student Affairs Live (#SALive)

Recently #AcAdv Chat was given an unsolicited SHOUT OUT on last week’s Student Affairs Live (#SALive) show by our advising friend @EricStoller. Since we appreciate the kudos, we thought we would share the love by letting our advising friends know what #SALive is all about.


The Student Affairs Live program is a weekly web show all about student affairs topics with guests from the student affairs world hosted by Eric Stoller. Each program is produced live every Wednesday at 3 pm CST and viewers can tweet questions or comments in the #SALive backchannel. For those of us who are busy with advising appointments then, no need to fear as the weekly broadcast is archived for your free viewing pleasure.

Here’s a digital high five to you, #SALive! Keep up the fine work.


Whatchoo Talkin’ ‘Bout #AcAdv Chat?


We’ve had a good few rounds of #AcAdv Chat since we first started last fall. There’s been tonnes of great ideas and conversations all archived for your reading pleasure.

What we need now is more @AcAdvChat TOPICS. This is where YOU come in. Take one hot minute to submit a topic or two via the online feedback form. Go on! We know you have some great ideas.