The #AcAdv Chat is BACK!

I’m back! As the new academic year returns, so does the @AcAdvChat weekly sessions. Yay!

#AcAdv Chats


Tuesdays from 12-1 pm CDT

We will start chatting NEXT Tuesday, September 4th from 12-1 pm CDT. Welcome back to the regular #AcAdv Chatters, and hello to new friends who want to join in the academic advising conversation. The topic: #AcAdv Chat Check-In & Summer Updates/Review

Here is the base HOW TO chat and join the #AcAdv Chat session: 


  • Follow @AcAdvChat to get all the updates.
  • Search the #AcAdv Chat hashtag on Twitter: 
  • Join in the discussion by including the hashtag #acadv in your status update.
  • Follow in real time during the Tuesday chats by using the #AcAdv Tweet Chat Room.
  • The MOD (moderator) @AcAdvChat will ask 4-5 questions during 60 min chat; please respond with the Q# in your update, e.g. “Q1: Your Answer”
  • Respond to the questions and talk with your fellow #acadv Twitter friends


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