And we’re back!!

Hey everyone! It’s your favorite little blue bird checking in after a much-too-short summer break. But, my reappearance can only mean one thing: the #AcAdv Chat is back!


Join us for the 2013-2014 kick-off chat on Tuesday, September 10 from 12-1 CST. Keep your eyes on Twitter for the topic poll coming out later this week.

And while you’re at it, pencil us in on your calendar Tuesdays from 12-1 CST for the entire year!

Introduce your friends to the chat, stretch those tweeting fingers (or wings), and join us for our fourth year of weekly, free professional development. We’ll celebrate our 100th chat on September 17 and have some other new ideas to incorporate this year. It’s sure to be a great one!


The #AcAdv Chat is BACK!

I’m back! As the new academic year returns, so does the @AcAdvChat weekly sessions. Yay!

#AcAdv Chats


Tuesdays from 12-1 pm CDT

We will start chatting NEXT Tuesday, September 4th from 12-1 pm CDT. Welcome back to the regular #AcAdv Chatters, and hello to new friends who want to join in the academic advising conversation. The topic: #AcAdv Chat Check-In & Summer Updates/Review

Here is the base HOW TO chat and join the #AcAdv Chat session: 


  • Follow @AcAdvChat to get all the updates.
  • Search the #AcAdv Chat hashtag on Twitter: 
  • Join in the discussion by including the hashtag #acadv in your status update.
  • Follow in real time during the Tuesday chats by using the #AcAdv Tweet Chat Room.
  • The MOD (moderator) @AcAdvChat will ask 4-5 questions during 60 min chat; please respond with the Q# in your update, e.g. “Q1: Your Answer”
  • Respond to the questions and talk with your fellow #acadv Twitter friends


Are You in @AcAdvChat Withdrawl? Here You Go!

For those of you who missed out on last week’s NACADA TechTalk Series, you can be sure to find them posted online HERE. Be sure to check out last Tuesday’s (August 7, 2012) webcast featuring yours truly – @AcAdvChat! Thanks to the NACADA Technology in Advising Commission for sponsoring such a great series of FREE online professional development & letting me join in the fun!

What the Twteet?: @AcAdvChat& the #AcAdv Community

Using Twitter for Professional Development

Here are the #AdvTech backchannel tweets and show notes/resources shared. Kudos to Bil, Sarah & Paul for being superb panelists.


What the Tweet?: @AcAdvChat & the #AcAdv Community Using Twitter for Professional Development

Today I will be joining the NACADA TechTalk series to talk about #AcAdv Chat & how great this community of advisors are on Twitter. 



Personal Learning Networks (PLNs) make use of social networks to allow users to personalize learning resources, create community around common professional interests, and even attain professional development goals. Over the past two years @AcAdvChat has used Twitter to create a community, bringing advising professionals together each week to share ideas, resources and dialogue around various advising topics. #AcAdv is more than a hashtag: it is a way to learn.


Join @peacox@HowardSJ, @BilMorrill  & @laurapasquini who will share more about the conversation & sharing of the @AcAdvChat community from 12-1 pm CDT TODAY! Here’s how & where to log in (psst – it fills up quick so get there at 11:30 am CDT sharp!):

  • Limited to the first 100 participants to log-in and request entrance
  • The Advisor Connect room will open at 11:30 am CDT each day
  • Sessions will begin at 12 noon CENTRAL TIME
  • Log-In as a Guest & request entrance in the Adobe Connect Room HERE or here
    **Join the Twitter backchannel & conversation using the #AdvTech hashtag**


Happy Summer #AcAdv Chat!

The summer is fast approaching which means that this little @AcAdvChat bird will be soaking up some sun and fun on holidays.

The #AcAdv Chat will be taking a much deserved break until September. I know the summer brings a number of my advising friends a busy orientation season, summer projects, or even vacation own their own. Good luck & enjoy!


Join us for the LAST #AcAdv Chat before the summer break on Tuesday, May 29, 2012 from 12-1 pm CST. Cast your vote for next week’s chat POLL now!

Stay cool!



Best Month EVER for #AcAdv Chat!

Time sure flies when you’re having fun. This has been a quite a busy semester for the @AcAdvChat Community.It’s been fantastic seeing many of you participate in the regular Tuesday chats, and also see the new joiners to the community who share beyond our weekly 60 minute discussion. Here are some of the latest & greatest stats from #AcAdv: 


Summer is fast approaching, and so is orientation and/or vacation season. Since our advising schedules vary a bit more during this time of year, the #AcAdv Chat will be taking a break until September.

That being said – we still have 5 more weeks to chat, so let’s make May the… 


See you on the Twitter stream, my friends!



Happy 2012 #AcAdv Chat!

Happy 2012 to all my #AcAdv Chat tweeps! What does the new year hold for you? Resolutions? Goals? Professional development? Or just exploring a new building on campus? Join us for the 1st chat  of the year on Tuesday (1/17) as we talk about the voted topic: Professional Development Plans for Advisors.



Rather than looking at the New Year as a time to make resolutions, make this a time of year to challenge your typical Monday through Friday routine of advising appointments and meetings.Take your boss to coffee. Advise on a laptop out of doors. Shut your door and spend an hour reading the Chronicle of Higher Education (and perhaps some Cronk News…just so you keep your sources diverse, of course). However you add some professional spice to your week, just remember: Do something different from your usual #acadv routine!

To follow my own advice, the @AcAdvChat is branching out to ask ONE asynchronous question OR pose a discussion point each Friday with the hashtag #AcAdvFri. This will be posted for the #AcAdv Chat community to respond and share thoughts on Twitter, Facebook and (NEW) Google Plus. This discussion thread it to engage those in the #AcAdv community who might be busy advising to make the LIVE #AcAdv Chat. Stay tuned this week for the 1st #AcAdvFri thought/question.