Happy 2012 #AcAdv Chat!

Happy 2012 to all my #AcAdv Chat tweeps! What does the new year hold for you? Resolutions? Goals? Professional development? Or just exploring a new building on campus? Join us for the 1st chat  of the year on Tuesday (1/17) as we talk about the voted topic: Professional Development Plans for Advisors.



Rather than looking at the New Year as a time to make resolutions, make this a time of year to challenge your typical Monday through Friday routine of advising appointments and meetings.Take your boss to coffee. Advise on a laptop out of doors. Shut your door and spend an hour reading the Chronicle of Higher Education (and perhaps some Cronk News…just so you keep your sources diverse, of course). However you add some professional spice to your week, just remember: Do something different from your usual #acadv routine!

To follow my own advice, the @AcAdvChat is branching out to ask ONE asynchronous question OR pose a discussion point each Friday with the hashtag #AcAdvFri. This will be posted for the #AcAdv Chat community to respond and share thoughts on Twitter, Facebook and (NEW) Google Plus. This discussion thread it to engage those in the #AcAdv community who might be busy advising to make the LIVE #AcAdv Chat. Stay tuned this week for the 1st #AcAdvFri thought/question. 



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